Broken Pool Cover?

ripped pool cover

Relax, we can help...

Our staff has over 20 years of combined experience in the pool cover industry. 

Repair Types

Here are just a few of the common symptoms that we come across

  • Pool cover stuck open or closed
  • Pool cover is coming out of tracks
  • Ripped or torn pool cover
  • Pool cover edging material frayed or torn
  • Broken rope on pool cover
  • Pool cover motor issues
  • Pool cover switch issues

Whatever the issue we can assist in troubleshooting your system and get you back up and running so you can start to enjoy your pool again. 

Fast Reliable Service

We strive for jobs to be completed in a timely manner and on the first visit. Due to stock outs and non-typical configurations this may not always be possible. However, we try to make sure that all technicians are properly stocked and prepared for the job at hand.  

Pool Cover Tune-Ups

Pool covers can come out of adjustment making the cover close unevenly. We can provide a service adjustment and replace the common wear items so your pool season goes uninterrupted. 

Service Rates

We bill hourly for pool cover service . Rates can vary slightly depending on your pool's location. Give us a call or drop us a line to discuss service rates in your area.

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